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Erotic massages Barcelona

Enjoy a multitude of erotic massages, body to body, individually or as a couple. You will find a luxury environment specifically designed to inspire calm and harmony, enveloping you in new sensations and experiences alongside beautiful, young masseuses.

Erotic Massage Center

In natural thai

Exclusive experiences

At Natural Thai Spa you can live a sensory experience like no other.

Experience the deep connection of the body with sensual energy. Immerse yourself in the exploration of your senses and discover new forms of pleasure.

  • Body to Body Massages
  • Tantric massages
  • Corporeal & sensitive
  • Ritual Delux experience
  • Couples massage

Our erotic masseuses

All our masseuses are high-quality professionals in sensitive body-to-body massage. Come meet them!

Enjoy a multisensory experience
through our massages

Body to Body Massage

Our sensual massage that develops with relaxing movements throughout the body accompanied by hot oils and comforting music for a complete sensitive experience.

50€ · 30min / 70€ · 45min /
100€ · 1hour

Interactive Body Massage

Full, sensitive massage that encourages complete synchronized interaction through a deeply relaxing massage with movement of perfect harmony and erotic energy.

80€ · 30min / 100€ · 45min /
150€ · 1hour

Sensitive Body Tantra Massage

A massage with natural essences of sensitive tantra on tatami. At all times it is accompanied with oils, generating very visual movements on the part of the masseuse. Creating an exciting experience.

100€ · 30min / 150€ · 45min /
200€ · 1hour

Royal Oriental

Our most special massage, completely personalized to deepen each moment with the most exclusive requests of each person. This massage begins on a tantra couch and ends on a tatami to experience all the sensitive experiences of a complete massage.

150€ · 30min / 250€ · 45min /
300€ · 1hour

Divan Tantra

Tantric and visual massage performed on tatami for those who like to experience various sensory and deeply relaxing massages.

150€ · 45 minutes

Couples Tantra Massage

A sensitive massage for couples where you can experience an emotion of complicity, discovering sensuality with the deepest massages that will make you break your routine.

Masaje a parejas
desde 200€ · 1hour


Delve into the experience of sensitive and tantric massages, under the atmosphere of expert and warm masseuses. Your experience begins from the moment you visit Natural Thai Spa. Discover a wonderful atmosphere of rest and total tranquility.